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Joy Semien is an Educator, Researcher, and Community Capacity Builder.

About Joy Semien

Joy Semien grew up in the fenceline community of Geismar, Louisiana located in the heart of Cancer Alley. She is a known speaker, business owner, and author of several books and courses.

Joy has been a guest educator (speaker) for the United States Geological Services (USGS), Natural Hazards Workshop, Texas Southern University National Summer Transportation Institute, and the Natural Resource Committee Natural Hazards Mission Area (NHMA).

She is known for her authenticity and creativity in delivering interactive training and lectures. She is the founder of L.E.E.D. With Joy LLC, The K.A.P.S. Disaster Hub, and Leona’s Kings and Queens Non-profit Organization.

Through these organizations Joy works with researchers, community leaders/members, political officials, and organizational owners to turn research into actionable programs communities can utilize.

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Upcoming EventDateLocation
Natural Disaster ExpoMarch 2023Miami
ISA Sociological AssociationJune 2023Australia

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