Who We Are & What We do?

At L.E.E.D With Joy LLC, we are more than just your average consulting agency! Founded in Geismar, Louisiana in 2019 with the mission of Listening, Engaging, Educating, and Driving Change among vulnerable communities. Following this mission, our team of scholars and educators seeks to provide outstanding results across four key business areas: Consulting, Education, Networking, and Engagement.


We support organizations in carrying out their research agendas by providing administrative support, consulting, data management, and statistical analysis/reporting.


We provide a subscription-based platform for organizations to engage with one another, send/receive resources, and increase their capacity to change their communities.


We provide skilled coaches to host one-on-one interactive coaching sessions to help guide you in starting your own business/nonprofit, developing culturally competent training/workshops etc.


We provide skilled educators to host interactive workshops and training. Topics include disaster preparedness, hazard mitigation, community engagement, environmental justice etc.


We provide certified tutors in K-12 curriculums to support student academic growth. We also build and host virtual training courses for professional development.

Public Speaking

Joy Semien is an Educator, Researcher, and Community Capacity Builder who loves to share her lived experience of living with environmental injustices as well as her research on effective methods for building capacity within vulnerable communities.

Research 2 Action

The L.E.E.D. With Joy Research to Action Center provides support to researchers, community leaders, practitioners, and policymakers to create change within their communities. Our team of researchers and practitioners uses an interactive approach to convert research into innovative programs to combat disparities in marginalized communities.

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