How to Create an “I AM” Board

Step 1: Use the Scissors to cut four pieces of Hemp Cord. The first piece should be no longer than 6” – 7” long, this will serve as your hook. The other three pieces should be about 14” to 16” long, this will serve as your “I Am”strings.

Step 2: Place your wooden board face down on a soft surface

Step 3:  On the top of the board place the first piece of hemp cord on the area in which you would like to make a hook. Be sure to make a “U” shape with the cord to make a hook. Make a Knot in both sides of the cord. Then using the hammer nail the knotted cord to the board.

Step 4: On the bottom of the board place the remaining three pieces at equal lengths apart. Be sure to knot the top part of the string. Then using the hammer nail the knotted cord to the board.

Step 5: Flip the board over so that you are looking at the face. Now using the paintbrush and your desired color stain/paint cover the entire board with the paint.

Step 6: After the paint dry’s, glue the wooden letters to make the phrase “ I Am Your Name” on the board. Feel free to decorate the board as you please on this step…add rhinestones, animals, etc. BE CREATIVE!

Step 7: Let the board dry.

Step 8: While the board is drying, create your “ I Am’s” You can add scriptures as well! We have some example “I am’s” on the next page. You can either write these by hand or type them on a computer and print them. Once you have your “ I AM’s”then you can glue them to cardstock. Be sure to hole punch the top and bottom of the cardstock

Step 9: After the board is dry. Tie the card stock onto each loose string. Be sure to tie a knot between each piece of cardstock to prevent movement or displacement

Step 10: Hang your board up so you can see it Everyday! Say you’re “I Am’s” every chance you get!


Wooden Board * Wooden Letters * Stain * Paintbrush * Wood Glue * Rhinestone border * Hemp Cord * 5/8” Nails * Hammer * Computer/Printer * Square Shaped Individual Cardstock pieces * Hole Puncher *  Scissors* Any other Decoration of your choice.


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